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Holly Toenjes:

Holly Toenjes has more than 35 years of experience helping people of all ages find their dream homes.

Holly is the President of InTransit Properties and a powerhouse in the Denver-area real estate scene.

Well known to bankers, investors, buyers, renters, sellers and the business community at large, Holly possesses an uncanny ability to asses virtually any given real estate puzzle – and solve it effortlessly – and always with unimagined success.

A savvy investor herself, Holly knows the Denver real estate market better than any real estate professional in the region. She can navigate any transaction, from the luxury property to the condominium to the mountain home to the rental.

Personable, seasoned, effective and dynamic.

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Corinne Toenjes:

Corinne Toenjes is a first-time homeowner, a millennial and a real estate pro.Corinne is the Managing Broker at InTransit Properties and is an expert on property management, negotiations and sales, and rentals. She brings over a dozen years of experience to clients who may be trying to break into the Denver real estate market or who want to sell or buy – at the greatest advantages. Corinne is a strong presence in the Denver real estate scene and enjoys active participation in a number of Denver business and real estate circles.

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Sue Evans:

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Dan Toenjes:

Dan ToenjesDan is a licensed electrician and owns and runs Another Electric Company. For over thirty years, Dan has brought superior experience and knowledge to any number of complex electrical issues. He is also an experienced contractor and brings an innate understanding of the complexities often involved in home renovation and build. He’s a highly sought after craftsman and is considered one of the best in the business in the Denver area.

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