Property Management Loyalty Listing Program

Have you heard the exciting news? InTransit has introduced a Loyalty Listing program for our current property management clients.

The Loyalty Listing program includes a full-service listing fee of just $5,000, paid at closing, which will save property owners thousands of dollars in commission costs. Listing services include marketing, showing the property and coordinating with tenants.

Commission on a real estate transaction typically is 6 percent, with 2.8 percent paid to the outside broker and 3.2 percent paid to the listing agency. For example, if a home sells for $750,000, the total commission would be $45,000; $21,000 would be paid to the outside broker, and $24,000 would be paid to the listing agency.

With an InTransit Loyalty Listing, however, that $24,000 listing agency commission would be replaced by a flat fee of $5,000, saving the property owner $19,000.

This is a gift back to our loyal customers. We know the properties, we know the tenants, and we know the owners, who will always get the same level of personalized, high-end service as our full-commission clients.

No matter the value of your home, we provide all of our management and listing clients with personalized, high-end service. We care about our clients and want you to get the most from your real estate investment and your relationship with InTransit.