The Perils of DIY Property Management

From background checks to routine maintenance, there are many reasons to hire a professional to manage your rental property rather than trying to do it yourself. Sure, maybe you’re ready to handle some of the day-to-day tasks of management. But how would you handle an emergency at your property?

At 3:30 in the afternoon on June 16, we received an email from a neighbor regarding a smoke detector battery that was beeping at a property InTransit manages. We knew the tenants were out of the country, so it seemed plausible that a neighbor would hear the beeping and report it to us. We told the neighbor we’d have someone out to change the battery that day.

But when we walked in expecting to change out a smoke detector battery, we found a flooded house with collapsed ceilings and buckled floors.

Wow! The mess was overwhelming. We told ourselves to stay calm, take a deep breath and dive in, literally! The water was over our ankles and still flowing from somewhere.

The first order of business was to turn off the water to the entire house. Next, we called a restoration company, and then we began the arduous process of removing as much water as we could before the restoration company responded. We know from years of experience that removing as much moisture from the air as quickly as possible is crucial. The InTransit team worked through most of the night trying to save the tenant’s personal belongings and things of sentimental value.

Before 9 a.m. the next day, we had contacted the homeowners’ and tenants’ insurers about the damage to the house and the tenants’ personal property. We met with adjustors, made arrangements with restoration companies and started the process of demolition and repair.

We also wrote difficult emails, complete with pictures, to inform the owners and tenants. We had a singular goal: Minimize the inconvenience to the tenants while protecting the owners’ interest.

The tenants and owners were grateful, and the insurance companies praised our quick response, which minimized further damage.

We’re proud of the fact that we had the teamwork and know-how to react quickly and efficiently. As professional property managers, we’re ready to deal with issues large and small, whether it’s a tiny leak in the bathroom, or in this case, a big leak from an ice maker. A homeowner trying to deal with this situation themselves might spend days just trying to line up contractors and navigate insurance, followed by many months working through the restoration process.

When the tenants return from abroad this month, we expect to welcome them back to a fully restored home. Stay tuned!

InTransit Properties goes above and beyond what other property management firms do for clients.

Our property owners rely on InTransit to:

  • Answer the telephones seven days a week
  • Be present at every showing
  • Perform thorough background and credit checks
  • Collect rents and pay bills
  • Handle all 1099 reporting for vendors and owners
  • Ensure vendors are licensed and insured
  • Track all insurance
  • Handle all accounting, bookkeeping and banking
  • Coordinate all maintenance and repairs
  • Advise clients on transition needs
  • Help with temporary housing
  • Personally manage emergencies on the property

Contact us at 303-388-5200 or by email to learn more about our property management services.